About KATHY OSTMAN-MAGNUSEN ~ an artist's statement

Beautiful Women Goddess Art in Illustration, Paintings, Reliefs & Sculpture

In my youth I  gleaned creativity from my parents, and from the days when they were risk takers.  When I was a little girl the two of them travelled from state to state,  en route to  discover America, or maybe they were  just chasing rainbows.  They definitely set their compass toward finding what was on the other side of each mountain they came across.  I sat in the back seat of the car, drawing, singing and looking out the window…. imagining.  I have been exhilarated and tormented by art ever since.  I am an artist.

 I am an artist. I paint, sculpt, and write poetry.

Whether the intrigue of fire and ice, warrior women meeting an epic fantasy or tiny flower fairies considering a rose, my efforts are to create artwork that speaks to one's heart.  I continue to be driven and explore the journey of introspection and stand in the doorway of enlightenment.  I don't want to just paint the sky, I want to paint the dominance of the wind that caused it to be felt on one's skin.  

I pick up my brush or clay between my fingers and consider a certain belligerence, an attitude of confidence that meets the power I need to form an energy outside myself and I welcome it in.  I paint or sculpt until I hear them breathing and their breath becomes my own.

Whenever I create a new artwork, be it sculptural, an oil painting or watercolors, with every single one of my them, my objective is to 'know my subject'.   I am so often astounded as their presence unfolds & I am met with who they are. I then realize that who they are, defines me as well.  My sincere hope is that my paintings & sculptures relate to you, their audience, & that they give you the message you need for your own heart and soul.  

Life Take One

~Kathy Ostman-Magnusen