Passages 48x36 oil, gold leaf on canvas

Passages 48x36 oil, gold leaf on canvas


In search of Klimt series

Final Fantasy Real Emotion | Passages

"I'm ready!  If I be a mermaid or a fairy I will become a blessing to my inner child."  Such precious images I keep in my heart.  I try...I do,  to rise up past the moan of disappointments, they need not be my own.  I hold myself and bless this fairy, this mermaid within and she tells me to believe that I can do anything.  The final fantasy real emotion is what I must not apologize for.  I long to feel things deeply and so I do.  It is the tenderness of the dew on a rose petal, the tear in a traveler's eye and the wisdom gained by noticing.  If I do not recognize real emotions then however will I touch the earth, the oceans wetness or be lifted up into the air to view its magic?  "How, oh Wind am I ever going to learn?"  The Wind then smiled on me,  so I asked questions for us all.  "Can you reach past limitations created by your own thoughts? Can you heal emotional difficulties with your imagination?  These are the precious images unfolded, no longer hiding, that brings you wholeness." 

And the wind said, "You are already on your way, just to notice the journey exists is enough.  I lift you towards your travel."

Up in the air I see the world below me.  It flutters and spins and I am covered with the dew of rainbows while off in the distance I see a view of storms before and behind me. The ever present realization that learning has a cost and that cost is up to me and how I approach its experiences.

Sometimes when I paint I stand back and realize new things about myself, precious images of self discovery.  My painting "Passages" is about that pathway.  I have learned that you can heal emotional difficulties with your imagination.  Imagination is oh such a gift and unspoken treasure.  If I become a fairy or my friends are mermaids, it is never more real then when discovered within my beloved palette, as the colors move past my brush and onto the canvas.  I discover that within my heart and mind imagination offers me a future I had not realized before.  Fairies and mermaids are everywhere in the final fantasy of real emotion and in tiny spots of time that felt silent before.  Roses are discovered and best of all a fairy, if you let her, lives in your own heart.  She does not need wings to fly or a mermaid tail to swim if fantasy spins you a different tale. This fairy, mermaid friend,  inner child is right there any time you need her, just ask the Wind.