The Mermaid Baby 

                                               "The Mermaid Baby" 24x18 oil on canvas

                                               "The Mermaid Baby" 24x18 oil on canvas

about the mermaid baby series:  

This little fantasy water baby travels throughout the Hawaiian Islands with her adorable monk seal companion as her guardian angel. During their travels they have collected legends of mermaids that are kept in a little treasure chest along with tokens of love.  The monk seal is considered an endangered species in Hawaii.  If you ever see one resting on the beach, please take care and be considerate of their space.

Future plans:

Stay tuned as many plans are in the works for "The Mermaid Baby"!  New paintings for sure!  Also look forward to posters, cards and coloring pages and a book!  Kiddie kaftans, mermaid crossing signs, pendants, enhanced ornaments, quilt blocks and cake tops for those special birthday parties and events.  She may just need her own website!