Beginning 48x24 oil, gold leaf on canvas

Beginning 48x24 oil, gold leaf on canvas


In Search of Klimt Series 

Fantasy Art Women|BeginninG

"I search for Klimt!" the artist in me spoke spoke boldly . 
"Ahhh, then we must start at the Beginning!"  said the Wind.

Pulling out oils, my canvas, poems and stories from an old wooden case, turquoise,  silver leaf and jewels thrust past the lid and met the open sky.  

The Wind confirmed my journey, "Your fantasy begins now, paint freely beautiful women goddess art. " 

And so I did.

Beginning  is the first oil painting I did in my quest for the passions of Gustav Klimt.  I wanted my fantasy art of exotic women to be full of energy and determination.  Searching out the exotic meant that I would be on my way to distant foreign lands. I would see birds not normally encountered, and perhaps I would come across a magic swan or two!  To search for Klimt meant that I must know emotion well and not to be afraid of what those emotions might tell me, secrets thus far unknown to science.  

I start my fantasy art woman paintings with music, usually Enigma, Dead Can Dance or something from Loreena McKennitt.  Music fills the air and helps me to open my heart.  Music lifts into space and forms tiny beads of light and energy that feels just like a rainbow. The fantasy inside of me begins.  It feels like a daydream, a magical adventure that I must pursue to discover it's intentions.  It is a dance and I become covered with all the colors seen in my oil paintings and on my palette.  My imagining  becomes so real that sometimes I can hear the angels breathing and feel a light breeze from the fluttering of their wings.

It isn't the realism of the brushstroke on watercolor paper or canvas that I capture in this series that makes it come alive to me, it is something less tangible than a rendering.  It is that warm glow of peace you feel when smelling the air after a rain.  It is the tenderness of seeing a mother with a new born infant and the wonderment of the life ahead of its fresh beginning.  It is seeing the vastness of a mountain range and the curiosity that builds as you wonder what lies within its boundaries. It is every magical thing you dream of and hope to know intimately.  Have you ever met an accomplishment you thought you couldn't, then stood back and wondered where the energy came from?  Like lace and whispers I say, "Did I do that, did this come from me alone?"  Sometimes feeling startled by the women and their presence,  something is imported from another time in space and captures me.   I pause from the dance, the fantasy art woman inside of me stands still to focus my eyes and I see life.  I breathe in the art of the exotic women I paint.  My journey begins.   Beautiful women goddess art is a wonderful dance waiting to surface anytime I decide to call its name.