"The Journey" 48x36 oil, gold leaf on canvas

The Journey

In Search of Klimt Series

Tiny Angels | The Journey

The Wind I toast, I toast the Wind and all the tiny angels that have stood beside me.  I cherish "The Journey" the treasure of the process,  the words from the Wind and poems of encouragement from the lips of an angel.    Whimsical angel drawings are forever kept under satin pillow in the wooden case the fairies gave me.  Tiny angels that have so often swept forth will always be hovering like hummingbirds near my treasured roses.  I so often see them through the branches as I stand beneath a tree.  The Wind had led them to my circumstance and they then smiled on me. 

 "This journey is long but there are prayers being told to smooth your fantasy pathway,"  my Wind did say.  "A toast to you as well!  I send sunshine and the mist of rainbows wherever you go."  And with that the Wind went on its way. "I've much to do," quite breezily he said. "And after that I must go out and play."

I found all my letters from my dear friend and the tooth fairy Dallyanna,  a dear and magical fairy being.  I read them all while eating the chocolate I had saved from my journey before.  It was a most delightful time.  I set a tablecloth in the middle of the Universe and floated there. I was most beautifully entertained by the greatest show on earth.  I placed my treasured letters under the satin pillow inside my wooden case, quite neatly beside all my whimsical angel drawings and plans for future paintings.  Then hearing a beautiful call, I looked into the sky and heard stars, Saturn and even the Milky Way 'smile'.  The journey of fantasy is not nearly as far as I had thought.  The galaxy is touchable!  My garden is filled with prayers chanted by tiny angels,  and most certainly my elusive inner child.  This delicate flower, magical fairy being, has followed me since childhood and been beside me all the while.  So I toast hidden masks and hidden feelings because freedom and joy are only a breath away.  I have kissed the lips of an angel and finally accepted her love.