Swan Song 30x40 oil, gold leaf on canvas

Swan Song 30x40 oil, gold leaf on canvas

Swan Song 

In Search of Klimt Series

Innocent Angels | Swan Song

"Take this flight,  of a Swan's Song," said the Wind as he met my anticipation with a fantasy that would take much courage.  "Meet the fragrance of the lilac, the rose and forget-me-not.  Meet the day and feel its presence, for look it's another new age.  Breathe in life and remember dear fantasy fairies and the hidden inner child.  Fantasy fairies; mermaids; tiny innocent angels; ' everyone' has been waiting for you!  Look it's another new age!"

"I will hold the map you gave me for all my life dear Wind!  I am neither mortal nor legend in your pathway.  I am the tear of ahhh and the lace on a whisper in your presence.  You bring me the moon, the teller of moods and soften the suns rays on my shoulder."  I spoke with commitment, then taking up my brush and oil paintsI did indeed meet with the Wind's plan.  I grabbed hold of the "Swan's Song" and melted into his music.  The journey ahead was exciting yet remarkably smooth.  I rode on the back of a great white and golden swan while his companion followed along.  The Wind met my hair and kissed my cheek.  Below us the view was filled with every mountain and every sea that has ever come to be.   I could see everything from far and wide all at one time.  I embraced the magic I had thus far only imagined possible. 

Every time I paint I expect a journey, to feel the flight of choice and smell its fragrance; therein lies my art therapy.  For you to know the lesson plans for your life is to hear the whisper of the wind, fantasy faeries,  tiny innocent angels and mermaids of your own.   Your art therapy, my art therapy, contains the same dream.  Pick up your pencil or coloring box and begin today.  Left over buckets of house paint, a piece of plywood nearby, be a Jackson Pollack and defy the skeptics!  Be a writer of poetry or be a story teller and express your inner being.  If we stand still and look out past the staleness that sometimes creeps into our lives we will see the Wind is at our side, and ohhh, how lush is that garden!  We need not stand in a passion-less place, everything we need is right here inside of us, so open your heart.   Take hold and grasp the rhythm of a symphony because that is what is truly available to you.   Look it's another new age right here within our grasp!