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"Africa I Hear Your Sounds and I Am Humbled by My Own Fragile State of Being"

Africa, I sing for you.

I am fierce and you can't stop me.
I am the lions roar,I am the ghost in the desert
unknown,yet foretold.

I feel the day, the heat on my skin
and I breathe
the equality of being.

delivers a magnitude of unlimited heartbeats
sunshines that do not pass
beyond this heartbeat of mine.
Dark on light
evenings that upon a miracles call
do somehow
mysteriously last

I hear the roar, I see the beast
I understand my prey
and the very need of it.
I am the ghost, of all.

colors that meet the clouds
calling out loud
above the landscape
where the whole entire world's singing
can indeed

I am humbled
I give in
and although my own life if not lasting
I do somehow
beneath the dawn
accept my own end
because of its sheer magnificence
I accept how fragile
we are.

Ahh the puma, calling out loud
I embrace the dawns coming
overlooking the land
I am high on its magnitude
and I am ohh so touched
by its solace
when I choose to stand still.

Give me life
will you?
Give me one more second, to take it all in
let me embrace the freedom
of its very sovereign -hood

Trees on the landscape, Africa abounds
if we understand just how fragile
it is.
Seeing our own being, our very own lives
ohh so tempestuous
within its fragile
yet powerful

So dear fragile Africa, continue to call out
despite your unheard rounds.
I want to tell you how sorry.
I think of you a lot
within your struggle
and time

Copyright 2012/Kathy Ostman-Magnusen