Bed of Dreams 30x40 oil, gold leaf on canvas

Bed of Dreams 30x40 oil, gold leaf on canvas

Bed of Dreams

In Search of Klimt Series

Earth Goddess Art | Bed of Dreams

The Wind moved over my shoulder and tickled my ears.  "You sleep, you dream of earth goddess art and exotic days?" The Wind did whisper my fancy.

"Paintings, ahh yes art nouveau and impressionist fare and me in a city in France.  I have dreams of Paris and a train to Giverny, and listening to stories of Monet.  I shall go to Amsterdam and see the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh behind glass cases in a special house they built for them there.   Ahhh Italy and all of your Baroque, I make little drawings of reminders and keep them in my pocket.  Exotic yes and still when I awake I shall travel to Africa and see many an adventure there.  I hear tales from a certain tooth fairy named Dallyanna that lobelia blossoms are found on trees on African mountains. My head swims with all the travels to be had.  'Tis a wonderful vision of fantasy women galleries as I rest in a Bed of Dreams."

Paintings can take you anywhere you ever longed to be.  Influenced by art nouveau and yet I need to feel the dance of a free brushstroke of the impressionistic style.  Breathing and space, ahhh to feel the freedom of creativity is a divine waltz.  I cherish every musical note that brings me closer to my vision. These dreams of fantasy women galleries bring me gifts in yellow, lavender, even an earthy brown sienna with the ease of floating on air.  Such spectacular tools are available for earth goddess art to paint untangled meanings from a mind once held back by locked doors.